First Church of Christ Scientist

This is the First church of Chrsit Scientist on St Georges tce, just before the Arch. It is a delightful example of inter war art deco, and was designed by Ochiltree and Hargrave. It is that strain of art deco that is particularly phallic in composition, with very stong geometry colliding and thrusting upwards. Particularly the rectangular prism of the entry way. The decorative elements are all exceptional and delightful, with a slightly bizzare addition of a classical portico, all add to make a wonderful church, that is also quite imposing in its stance.


2 responses to “First Church of Christ Scientist

  1. Regarding these new initiatives for perth’s foreshore.

    Perth has some fantastic beauty no doubt but the cultural side has really been let down by counciller attitudes. Basically by being backward and totally without imagination. They can only comprehend perths skscraper development as only ever going along one street- example via St Georges tce. Any departure from this and it is seen as a heresy ie., no new developments or off shoots in a north/ southerly direction or even in a diagonal direction for that matter.
    To them it seems Perth must forever be seen as primarily a nice picture shot across the swan for tourists. Basically it has to run in an east /westerly perspective of highrise development so the tourists can get some nice picture shots with their cameras across the riverbank on the opposite [southern] side of the Swan.

    And of coarse development to the perth city councillers must never proceed down to the foreshore. Thats sacrosanct.

    The fact that these people even now have the right to criticise or have any say whatsoever in this new proposal for the river precinct is just rediculous.

    They’ve over the last 50 yrs just completely relegated perth as being a somewhat dull lacklustre & puerile type of city that exactly suits their mentality and lack of foresight and dimension.

    I really dont know how they still seem to have credibility. Allannah whatshername should just dump the whole council if she’s really suppossed to be the top person in the infrastructure dept. Perth amazes me.

  2. And the newly proposed stadium for perth although it seems from the submitted plans to have some pleasing design elements to it, in comparison to the new Beijing ‘birdsnest’ stadium its fairly mundane.
    Perth could well use the influences of such an architect as Mr. Ai Wei Wei in building our own major public buildings and it is a shame that we have again decided to go with the fairly pedestrian easy alternative instead of something really challenging for both the architects the builders and more importantly the average person on the street.
    It is surely the Ai Wei Wei’s of the architectural world that australia needs [certainly not the rabid though well organized chinese nationalist students that we recently witnessed over in canberra determined to stamp out any opposition to tibet].

    For it is thru the Ai WeiWei’s [why is it that whenever I see his name I get an uncontrolloble urge to take a wee. Have absolutely no idea but the reason must surely lie deep down in my sub-conscious and the sharp mind that I’m told that I have will most surely in time bring forth the reason why the name Ai Wei Wei gives me such peculiar desires] for undoubtedly it is from such people as Ai Wei Wei that aussie architecture could truly benefit from and be inspired by.

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