Fremantle Port Authority

This is the Fremantle Port Authority building by Hobbs Winning and Leighton in about 1963. They are the architects responsible for a large percentage of Fremantles port buildings and other important building sin the port town in the 60s to 70s. This is a wonderful excercise in post war international style, with many delightful features, like the folding concrete canopy roof that stretches on for ever, rigourous fenestration patterning and use of interior courtyards. And the entire worlds supply of mosaics, in one building. I especially love the door handles to the main entrance, and of course the signage. The typeface, kerning and size is just perfect. So austere, and so effective. Old photos, from the state library and taken by Fritz Kos.


5 responses to “Fremantle Port Authority

  1. Always loved this building.

  2. I’ve always loved this building, taken many photos of it myself.
    Glad you featured it!

  3. I went to Fremantle for the first time and was instantly awestruck by this building and at the same time concerned because I had vaguely recognised it from a newspaper article which I had read some time earlier. Not being sure what the context of the article I immediately thought that perhaps there was a move to demolish the building and after making enquiries found that there was an architectural God after all and everyone else loved it as well.

  4. This is a good wedsite

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