There is a talk on tomorry night at the bakery, Iredale Pederson Hook and Joe Chindarsi are speaking. 2 really great firms. 5 clams if your a student, 10 if not. 6 oclock. be there and square. show your support.




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  1. They really do need to activate perth architectural intelligentsia through open public debates such as mentioned here. Would hope lots people turn up! If they really are sincere and truly hate the way perth indeed australian politic/architecture/culture/areas of learning have been largely taken over and run for and by feminist ideologues [male/female] under old style 80’s 90’s feminist protocols.
    May I offer another example of how this ideology has crept into and affected or influenced much of our public architecture for the worst ie., minimalist cubic rectangular affected bland pretentiousness far too afraid of its own shadow, and this would be the new Kerry Hill ‘award winning’ design for the just now being built Northbridge theatre down along roe st and james just across from the perth train station.

    Any one having experience within artistic prizes in any area of the arts esp in perth should know full well that ‘award winning’ usually means those that got the commission, won it through having closest contacts to whatever government beaurocrats prevail at the time.
    It does not mean the commision was the result of an open and competitive process in which the public also had some say.
    Preferably an informed and reasonable public. But who’s really to say the ignorant classes should’nt also have the right to participate. Original thought often comes from the edges and does not always come about from the educated bougousie. Whom are the main beneficiaries of all these snobby looking trendy cultural buildings that australian architects are responsible for.

  2. susie spendy

  3. ‘Award Winning’ in Kerry Hill’s case could refer to any one of the large number of awards that he has been awarded both locally and internationally. These awards have been granted by – amongst others – peer bodies, governments and professional bodies. Just because an award isn’t decided by a voting sheet in the TV Week or by SMSes doesn’t mean it isn’t valid & deserved.

    We’re all entitled to our own opinion so perhaps don’t criticise Kerry Hill or the multitude which have seem it fit to recognise the quality of his work. I wonder, have you set foot into one of his projects? As for the greater public, I’m not sure they would appreciate being called the ‘ignorant classes’.

    to participate one must first engage.

  4. Quote joeb-” These awards have been granted by-peer bodies, governments and professional bodies”.


    Reply to greg hoey. Greg stay out of these websites. They’re places for folks to congratulate and inflate their own ego’s. Just keep makin comments at aussiecelebs. Less pretention there. And lots boobies.

  5. Your quite wrong on that actually as I think they’re are some really great things happening to perth particularly over the last 3-4 years with regards its urban development.

    I especially like whats happened to the east perth precinct and many of the new inner city residential constructions. I think they’re smart and long overdue.
    I intensly disagree with the immensity of perths suburban outgrowth over the last twenty or so years, but love all the new train lines they’re constructing as well some of the stations themselves which are well designed.
    But again we shall have to disagree on some things TT as I do feel that perth truly lacks really charismatic and astounding contemporary examples of architecture. Most of it is good and very suitable for a modern day metropolis such as perth now is, but there are few examples of iconic genius works such as only I think some of these powerfully very personal style genius’ such as gehry, hadid, piano, libeskind, calatrave ,foster and others seem to have in abundance. This is not polemics but truth. You cant just have it that perth must never have some critical intellectual response to what’s been happening.

    Should say really love the new Fremantle yacht/sail museum along the wharfs there -spectacular but all too infequant considering the mass of public monies being spent on major public building and infrastructures in the last few years.

    The middleing to average perth has in abundance the truly fantastic we don’t. And great constructions are good because these challenge not only our architects and engineers but also the public perception and its potential for imagination and a more broadminded view of themselves.And this perthites truly need.

    I do appreciate that at least your willing to show a more critically broadminded approach than that other bunch of scoundrels cum satyricists cum self-congratulatists on TWOP at least.

    Now get to that forum on our architecture wherever it is and really come out with something savvy and relevant and provocative to say about perth/aussie architecture and stop being a naughty boy.

    You’ve got a good site here don’t piss all over it by being close minded about a little criticism on perth. Forgodsakes!

  6. reply 2 insularity- I get your meaning, but the aussiecelebs website I only occasionly visit! I’m far more refined than that believe me! How the hell do you think/know that I go to such sites? I much prefer architectural forums and the like.

    Beach babe sites dont do it for me I’m afraid.

  7. YAwn fest.

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