CoCS Sunday School

This is the church of christ scientists sunday school next door to the older art deco place in the city. I love this building, it seems (i expect by accident) very Venturian in nature to me, very bizarre. Its form is exeptionally strong, brutal and completely uncomprimising. It gives the impression of a large and forceful building. But it is actually very small, and quite friendly in scale. Almost a touch of ‘I AM A MONUMENT!’. Both complex and condtradictory. ha! this is just high theory applied in hindsight, but it is still interesting, and I think a neccesary conversation when discussing this building. Other than that, it is a very nice, and well detailed late 60s modern/brutalist structure, with great use of high and low windows to create that floating illusion between both wall and roof. Wall and floor, and interestingly wall and column. Great. Unfortunately i do not know the author. But the old photo is Fritz Kos, from SLWA.


2 responses to “CoCS Sunday School

  1. Gotta say the scientologists hav great buildings!

    The old abc tv building along st georges now abandoned exemplary example of 60’s perth architecture hope it is’nt going to be torn down. Such a shame.

    Also the old maylands brickworks across from peninsula golf coarse, old style industrial architecture par excellance!!!

  2. would note that the Christian Scientists are a very different bunch to the L. Rons’, but would agree that the former do a very fine brutalism.

    From a similar stable is Peter Womersley’s Hull Uni Sports Hall of 1965:

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