Sunny Mead

Sunny Mead, an apartment block in Mount Street Perth, was completed in 1961 and designed by the ubiquitous apartment design duo Krantz and Sheldon. It is a delightful multi storey building and curiously slim in profile. The stair well is attached to the side of the building and the use of angled glazing panels wondefully articulate the content to the exterior. The bulk of the structure is an intimidating mass of red brick with small windows regularly punched through. To the south west side are generous balconies with great use of industrial mesh/fencing as balustrades.  The entry is also a delightful feature with severe geometry articulating movement and a wonderful concrete canopy atretching out over the entry doors. Delightful.


4 responses to “Sunny Mead

  1. This is one of my absolute favourite Perth buildings.

  2. “Mount St. starts innocuously at the top of St. Georges Terrace, and ends in a beautiful part of the city fringe at the top of the steep street, opening like the most gorgeous bloom. The adjacent entrance to Kings Park provides cool, verdant and expansive views to Perth city and Swan River.

    On the cuff of Cliff St, Mount St and Bellevue Terrace stands Sunny Meed, a slice of honey dripped from the sky; an example of breathtaking symmetry, standing stately at the top of the steep rise of Mount Street, in the quieter, cul-de-sac accessed by the freeway footbridge that splits city and park. Upon reaching the peak of Mount St., the eye catches the sleek lines of Sunny Meed and is drawn up and up and up.”

    more at

  3. Sat 25 May 2013 – Just been up Mount Street and seen what they have done to Sunny Meed, now called Bellevue, I am looking at this building and can’t believe what I am seeing, what a disgrace, modernizing this iconic building, actually I am in total shock, so much so I am lost for words….

  4. Cheryl, I am also dismayed at the wrecking of this once lovely apartment block.

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