so there was an architecture talk on last night, and i missed it! alas, i bet it was good as usual.  Also, i have been frightfully busy recently, and have not been able to upkeep, but no worry, it shall return, with content veritably sparkling! including the first ever guest blogger, and a VERY special guest that will be. stay tuned!

thaks to everyone so far that has visited, helped, given encouraging words etc, its what keeps this site going, along with the great designs that come from the state. 

till next time!


3 responses to “news!!

  1. the talk was great – i think you would’ve appreciated the Bernard Seeber half. As short as it was and despite it not covering buildings as such – it gave a compelling insite into the ideas behind his approach to architecture. It was great to see the Troppo stuff in complete as well – all +30 years although I’m not convinced as to how well their approach translates onto their later, larger scale projects.

  2. damn! i really want to know more about BS.

  3. Another talk coming up this week:

    3 Over / 4 Under “ON LANGUAGE”
    Thursday 16th October, 2008
    6.00 – 9.00 pm
    Breadbox 233 James Street, Northbridge

    3 Over / 4 Under is an annual architectural forum and exhibition providing an opportunity for 3 established practices and 4 emerging practices to voice their opinions, concepts and design strategies through a series of short presentations.

    “On Language” is the theme for this year’s event, the fourth in a themed series, which encourages the exploration of an architectural language developed by the various practices.
    The following will be presenting on the night:

    MunInn Chan (Design Collective Architecture Network – Malaysia)
    Trent Woods and Jennie Officer (Officer Woods Architects)
    Paul Edwards (Site Architecture Studio)
    Simon Cundy (Kerry Hill Architects)
    Jeremy Feldhusen (Feldhusen Choy Pty Ltd)
    Philip Goldswain
    Dr Steve Basson (Department of Architecture and Interior Architecture, Curtin University)
    Sophie Giles (Giles Smith Architects)

    NO CHARGE FOR THIS EVENT. Drinks and food provided

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