So it is my great pleasure to introduce the first (of more i hope!) guest writers for the site. Adrian Iredale of IredalePedersonHook has been so kind as to write a little something about this project. So it is my extreme pleasure to post this now, from one of Perths most exciting and world class firms. It concerns the Swan St project in Mosman Park, featured earlier in construction on this site. These photos are from nearing the end of construction….

Project Description

The Swan Street Residence sits at the end of a mature tree lined street opposite a private girls school (St. Hildas). The narrowing of the street and the no-through road resulted in an initial desire to create a project that was concerned with notions of discovery and retreat. The wooded street and a previous completed project on the edge of the city of Perth provided an opportunity to connect with the contextual physical quality of ‘landscape’ and a sub-conscious connection to living on the edge of a city, the desire to be physically connected whilst offering qualities that exist in outer suburban areas, areas of natural landscape.


Green light and folding light filled spaces dominate the interior whilst externally the concern is more about formal connections to the existing house and the surrounding context whilst exploiting subtle and exaggerated differences.



Time has a new quality in this project that is at times bombastic and at other times slow and subtle. From the copper capping that will slowly oxidise and drip green stains down the white picket fence, the Recycled Jarrah battens that have been oiled to slowly weather to contrast with the solidly sealed and stained plywood cladding panels, the native landscape that will react like the house to the changing weather patterns, the green light that shifts over the internal walls, filling the entry with an abstracted garden, the changing shadow patterns on the ceiling in the main bedroom and then the emitting of green light during the evening returning the landscape to the street…the deciduous tree that sits on the axis of Olivia’s bedroom window growing with her……..eventually these become a collection of moments that require and demand contemplation….a distraction to the everyday…a dream like quality typically reserved for holiday experiences or outback travels…



The additions fold and unfold, compress and release to create subtle internal relationships whilst capturing and configuring the exterior space. It maintains a dynamic equilibrium that responds to the activities of everyday living carefully connecting interior and exterior in a mutually beneficial manner. Space is held in the delicate balance of reality and abstraction.



iredale pedersen hook architects. 2008.


So there it is. Again many many thanks to Adrian and the rest at IPH.



One response to “GUEST WRITER!!!!!

  1. wow, great house.
    Not sure if youd be interested, but you might want to check out the old boarding house at Sacred Heart College in Sorrento before it is knocked down.


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