Rodney Alsop

 This is a house in Mosman Park by Rodney Alsop, from 33-34.  Its a beautiful house in Spanish mission/revival style, and very classical. A very beautiful house, great proportioning, and colours and siting. Wonderful views, outdoor terrace and spiral staircase to balcony. I am not very familiar with the Spanish style, so I cant really say to much more about it intelligently, but it truly is amazing, perfect for its setting.

Thanks Janine for Details!


4 responses to “Rodney Alsop

  1. a beauuuty!
    the perfect backdrop for an afternoon of tossing the football around.

  2. check out page 58 of ian molyneux’s ‘looking around perth’, building no 323, it would appear to be by rodney alsop, built 1933-34.

  3. Hi love you site, especially since our place is the Officer house next to Iona. It is very nice inside too…but we wish you had taken a pic the day that Chris was NOT repotting the cactus 🙂

    Listen, I am pretty sure that the Peppie grove house you attribute to Alsop is a Marshall Clifton – is that the one down from the Mosman park Bowling Club? I talked to the owner one day, and she confirmed (I am 99 percent sure on this) that it is a Marshall Clifton. My partner used to live in Clifton flats in West Perth on thomas st…

    I will dig online and at the local library and let you know,

    Josephine WIlson

    who is SO happy that our addition has been UNDERSTOOD!

  4. Nice pictures! I used to run through Balboa Park when I lived in Hillcrest.

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