A.N.A house

This is one of the most intersesting places in Perth I think. One of those places everybody knows, and never actually knows what it does, or its history. Unfortunatley I dont profess to know either. Its the headquarters of the Australian Natives Association. Connected to the Eureka Stockade???  But the building itself is amazing, and completely bizarre. It stands alone and very separate from any other buildings, in the middle of a carpark, yet its built like a terrace house with what would usually be a party wall, maybe there was something that got kocked down a long time ago. It is a residential styled building at a larger than residential scale, in a setting that is neither residential or commercial. It looks like the end result of what would happen if you took a pretty boring 70s brown brick home, stretched it, then skewed it so that the perimeter walls slid past each other and dislocated the front facade. I love the mix of brutal brown brick use, the dinky metal lacework balustrade, the project home front door with the grill in front and the large dormer window. Its just bizarre, I think VSBA would really like it, and could analyse it  a lot better. Also the reason the side facing blockbuster is half different coloured bricks, is in one of those storms a few years back, it blew half the building apart! Very interesting building. If you knwo more, let me know!


5 responses to “A.N.A house

  1. This building would ordinarily be bulldozed in an instant but I think it deserves to live as a monument to…..umm….diversity in architecture. This building is so ugly and unresolved that it creates its own beauty and for that reason alone it should be revered and perhaps even classified for future generations to ponder and avoid similar disasters.

  2. I looked inside last year when it was up for sale. Upstairs was open plan with a ceiling that followed the roofline, ie very high ceiling. Bit of exposed timber and brick.

    The best thing was a sort of wireline map of Australia a couple of metres across that hung over the boss’s desk. Second best thing was the luxurious original and possibly custom furniture that inhabited the inside.

    The worst thing was that there are the opportunities to turn a building like this around, you know get it in step with now, were fundamentally compromised;
    The block is oriented east/west (as in it has good north exposure necessary for solar passive design) It even has a car park immediately to it’s north. Sadly the building has been constructed zero setback on the northern boundary and 2 metre setback on the southern boundary. Compounding this unimaginably dumb arrangement is the siting of services; you guessed it! on the north side about mid way between back and front so even if you wanted to have a neat light focussed courtyard on the north side you’d be faced with expensive relocation of plumbing.

    Sadly this building is as dumb as it looks.

  3. mossie park much ?
    i swear everthing recently is like a 30 second walk from my house its nice

  4. Thats right next to my house! I don’t know what it does. Aside from be’s patriotic, which is nice i spose.

  5. Oh! judging by your pictures, maybe it’s not so patriotic anymore.

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