Iwanoff shops

pa150160pa150162pa150161This is a row of shops in Shenton Park, Onslow Road. Word on the street is, they were designed by Iwanoff. I have no more info apart from that sorry. They are concrete block, and they do develop some interesting patterns. It seems like it could be Iwanoff as he was just experimenting with the concrete block, yet to fully jump in the deep end. If som very interesting! They are just nice, I dont have much more to add. Go visit them. And there is the SODAA place next door, very very good!


2 responses to “Iwanoff shops

  1. Hey mate, Im new here, and this is just down from my parents place, so who is Iwanoff?

  2. uh, he is an architect originally from bulgaria, who worked here from the mid 50s onwards, created at first good old fashioned modernism, then started to experiment with concrete blocks later, to create some of the most inventive architecture in Aus. See some of my other posts. One of the most important architects in Perths history.
    hope that helps.

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