Kidston-Hunter and Mckim house

scanpa230232pa230233pa230234pa230235pa230236pa230237This is the Kidson-Hunter and Mckim house in Ardross, designed by Peter Parkinson for Hawkins and Sands in 1955. It is one of the steel framed houses that formed a little group of houses,  including 2 otherH & S houses, the sands and another… But it is very good, although almost unrecognisable now, and totally messed about with. I know its got a lot of north facing glazing, but to put that awful tiled mansard/scab on teh front is unnecesary! The details in this house are amazing. I wont go into it to much, I feel bad talking about such amazing places without doing the proper research etc. But take note of the stairs up, the cross bracing on teh carport and the fenestration patterning. Beautiful.  I hope one day it is recognised for its greatness and restored! I wish I had the original photos, they are amazing. THe drawings, awful resolution, are from the modern houses book from UWA. Excellent book!


2 responses to “Kidston-Hunter and Mckim house

  1. (psst. the house is in applecross, not ardross). this place is great. i tried to get inside one day to have a look back when i was at uni, but the lady who lived there was very old and didn’t want a young hooligan-type getting in her front door. it’s a great little house and i hope someone restores it. It’s either that or it’ll get knocked down for a new zorzi joint.

  2. this place is currently up for sale. it’s not on any kind of heritage list and probably stands a damn good chance of being knocked down. i have just started looking into getting it registered in the hopes of stopping demolition. i’ve got the UWA book but if anyone has any extra information on it, please let me know.
    thanks, david weir

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