Howlett and Bailey House

pa200215pa200216pa200217This is a Howlett and Bailey house in Gallop Rd Dalkieth, that is thankfully still standing! I was convinced this would end in dissapointment, as so many trips to modern houses are. But they are still there, and in exceptionally good nick!  1968. Locks into the dialogue created with a house in dianella and Roger Johnsons houses at the time. the pyramidal, black tiled roofs, almost pizza hut’esque. I dont know what you call those roofs, but they are great. Also love the big expanse of black highly reflective glass. Great.


4 responses to “Howlett and Bailey House

  1. it is very similar to the house in alexander drive which i think is the one you are referring to. it has a lovely inward looking form and i think has a better balanced facade than this one.

    i would describe the roof as hipped, with a pyramidal point.

  2. These are awesome.

  3. I don’t wish to be critical of Janine or the house but I think you’ll find that the roofs are pointless.

  4. Stephen O'Brien

    There’s a 1970s house in Williams Road, Gooseberry Hill, with two such peaks. The Thornlie Public Library was built in 1971 and has a roof with one such peak. It had certain thermal qualities, being warm in winter and absolutely broiling in summer. I used to work in it in the 1980s and the agerage January maximum in the building was 37 degrees. We assumed the roof design was inspired by someting from northern USA.

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