Troppo House

pb020305pb020306pb020308pb020309pb020310pb020311pb020312pb020313pb020314pb020315pb020316This is a brand new house designed by Troppo architects in White Gum Valley. I went through it and it was pretty amazing. Its a very light and open house, passive solar and very climate appropriate. Appropriate orientation, louvres and overhangs, breeze paths and the like. Its also got quite a sustainable bane twhich is good. Exposed rain water tanks and collection areas, no air conditioning, and gardens that dont need a lot of water. Its essentially 3 pavillions lined up in a row, going up a hill, connected by glass passage ways. All with pivot doors, which are crazy expensive, and there are about 8 of them, but apparently it was quite a cheap place to build. The black stone path that runs the length of the house is a very nice touch and provides interest and a strong visual cue. Also the use of untreated hardiflex panels on the outside was an unexpectedly raw detail I did not expect. The bathrooms also use no tiles, just vinyl or plastic coverings which I liked, very utilitarian. The house overall was very bare and honest, but refined. Very much links into the Australian romantic, rural mythology type architecture, made popular by Glen Murcutt and his pals. Great house.


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