Kessel House

pb170365pb170364pb170366pb170367pb170374pb170375pb170368pb170369pb170370pb170371pb170373This is the Kessel house designed by Iwan Iwanoff in 1975, in Dianella. It is an amazing house, with a spectacular use of concrete blocks. I wont say much about the house, there is too much for me to say, and I would not do it i justice in such a short amount of space. There is a great feature on it in the book, 50/60/70 iconic Australian house by Karen Mccartney. It is a beautiful house, in amazing condition, mostly original, with an addition by Elischer out the back. As with most, especially later, Iwanoff works, it draws on classical themes and features, and mixes them with typical(or not so) modern detailing.The cabinet work is beyond jaw dropping. Luckily I got to go inside, the current owner was exceptionally nice and let us around, and is doing a fantastic job with keeping the house in amazing condition. They have probably the best furniture/design collection I have possibly seen too. Its great to see such an amazing structure not going to waste.


3 responses to “Kessel House

  1. one of the many things i like about iwanoff’s houses is that each one has a lettebox designed as part of the whole. very cool.

    i believe the internal joinery for this place cost more than the house.

  2. it’s a real stunner.

    i’ve been in love with it since being told to visit it in first year and thinking to myself, ‘there can’t be any architecture in dianella, surely…’

  3. this was the first iwanoff i ever saw about 20 years ago and i still keep going back to look at it.i knew the then owner for about 3 years and got to look inside a few times, absolutly stunning house inside and out. the kitchen was renovated by then owner and beautifly done too, love the huge rumpus room that opens out on to the pool, considering the bulk of iwanoffs work was produced back in the 70s shows how he was way ahead of his time, i would love to see what he could do with the materials available today.

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