Coram Court

pc070478pc070497BA1524pc070492pc070489pc070496pc070488pc070485pc070479This is Coram Court in Fremantle, a Homeswest development. The original block of flats was designed in 1964, most likely by Krantz and Sheldon, but what I went for is the addition/refurbishment done in 1992 by Odden Rodrigues architects. Amazing. It revived a building that was probably quite tired in the early 90s, and made it fresh and exciting again, and most importantly did not butcher the original design. The colour scheme is amazing, and is a throwback to the modern days when architects experimented with wild colour, an aspect of modernsism that often gets forgotten over time. The new facade treatments, balustrade panels in block colour, and the amazing stairwells all add up to one fantastic building. I love how the new add ons are still divorced from the original in places. The steel frames with various panels attached create the sense of planes floating through space, hovering over the existing building. Unfortunately maintenance again is an issue, and already 16 years on it looks a little tired, the paint is peeling and faded, the panels are cracking etc. The original photos are jaw dropping. the yellow really pops.

And as always with anything great, its getting bulldozed in 4 years. cool.


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