St Mary’s Anglican Church complex

pb060325pb060324pb060323pb060319pb060320dfspb060321pb060327pb060330pb060328This is the St Mary’s church complex in South perth, corner of Karoo and Ridge st. It consists of a main church, designed in 1957 by Hobbs Winning and Leighton, a statue/beacon and a series of residential properties, and a hall. To be honsest I am a little confused as to what is what. The heritage listing vs Looking around Perth seem to conflict. But, none the less, it is a really great complex. And features Hobbs Winning and Leighton, Eales Cohen and Bennet, Mervyn Parry, and the statue by Bruce Tomlinson in 1970. Apparently it is the first use of reinforced concrete in the state!! amazing. The church itself is a beautiful gothicy/modern/art deco kind of mash, with amazing parapet detailing and stained glass windows. The residential complex is also really nice, the green horizontal banding is delightful. The large statue is also an amazing addition, and really acts as a signifier and can be seen from quite a way away. Amazing place. Read the heritage assesment, it is fascinating.


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