Unknown house

pa250265pa250266pa250267pa250263pa250264pa250262I do not know who the architect of this house is, but he/she deserves a medal, this place is amazing. One of the most confronting/brutal/minimal street elevations I have encountered. In Claremont, centre of awesome houses from late 70s/80s which I assume this is from. I love the use of limestone concrete blocks, which are generally a very institutional type material. Universities are full of them. The brown/green tin roof with its strong profile works so well with the colour of the blockwork. Thankfully a house got knocked down next door so it gives you a great overview of the site. Otherwise all you would see is the front, which is the garage. The massing of the house and the window placement is excellent. A sort of courtyard is achieved, and the building flows through several masses that reveal themselves along the block. Great. If anyone knows the architect/details they would be much appreciated!!


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