Steve Woodland House

pa250241This is a house in Claremont, the golden area, designed by Steve Woodland and Mike Michelides in around 1983. It is a wonderful house, one of a series around the western suburbs he did, that all explore similiar stylistic devices. Most notably to me is the large overbearing roofscape. In this particular example the typical suburban hipped tin roof is stretched and extended and pulled down past the top line of the windows and cloaks most of the top half of the house. It is quite magnificent to see in person, it really is efective in inflating the scale of the building. The bagged white brickwork, extended blade walls, and others are other details that are used brilliantly here, and also in other houses. I wish I had more information, and I can only really judge what its like from the street elevation, but its a start. This house is particularly interesting, to see an example of Steve Woodlands early work, who now is director at Cox Howlett-Bailey and Woodland, and Mike at Woods Bagot, I believe…


2 responses to “Steve Woodland House

  1. I thought Mike Michelides was co-designer?

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