Leederville train station

pc220589pc220588pc220587pc220585pc220583pc220581pc220580This is the Leederville train station, who I hope most are familiar with. It was designed by at least Tony Brand, but I know there were more involved,  sorry I forgot names. It was part of the extension and revamp of the Clarkson line in the early 90s, with many other outstanding train stations built at the same time, including Forbes and Fitz’ Stirling and Warwick stations. This is an excelent example of train station architecture, it creates imagery of speed, movement and of the cutting edge. It also utilises devices that are repeated elsewhere in the line, in slick materials, tensioning cables, exposed structure and white paint. Beautiful.


3 responses to “Leederville train station

  1. And frankly I always think it looks like an aircraft as you drive towards it southbound on the Mitchell. No one ever agrees with me on this… I feel like I’m the only one who gets the joke.
    Maybe the joke is on me?

    • Yes it definitely looks like an aircraft as you approach from the north – maybe around 1km away. There is absolutely no mention of this as being an intention. I can’t understand that as it’s just too obvious. I am going to get a photo of this one day and put it on the net. Trouble is the only way it can be done is to be taken whilst driving at 100 K’s. Could get a passenget to take it I suppose. You only have around 3 seconds and then the effect is lost

  2. My brother designed the station with a view of a wave, also it was built in a limited space and was solar passive

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