Music Dept.

sddspc240636pc240634pc240630pc240626pc240625This is the Music Department at Churchlands Senior High, designed by Donaldson and Warn in around 1992. A really interesting building, but I dont know much about it unfortunately. Interesting how it is broken down into 4 separate parts, and stitched together, to make a varied facade and building. A variety of interesting details and imagery are all weaved together and compiled to create a building that can somewhat be read and interpreted. Portal windows, a soaring concave roof, sawtoothed/folding walls, eliptical and round exhaust vents, angular concrete walls etc. I like how the white bit with  blue stripe reminds me of the Hale memorial hall just down the road, coincedence??? Exellent staircase and balustrade details. It also ties really well into and nods towards the rest of the school, done in fairly standard 40-50-60s school style.


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