Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Church

pc240593pc240601pc240595pc240606pc240603pc240608pc240611pc240610This is a church in Woodlands designed in 1970, architect unknown. Kindly suggested to me by Janine. It is a wonderful church, and great to find,  a total hidden gem. Its always nice to come across a surprise like this, it makes life and Perth exciting. Its so great to drive and come across a marvel like this. It is striking in its compostition, 2 massive curving walls thrust upwards towards the sky, creating a forceful street elevation. MAterials include Ashlar stone walls and a beautiful copper door. The interior is just as beautiful, and interesting as the layout does not quite match the exterior, as the altar is not directly in fornt of the doors as usual, and the nave runs sort of diagonally. A brilliant building.


2 responses to “Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Church

  1. Amazing, I have never seen this building before.

    Like yourself, I love coming upon the hidden gems.

    The masonry work is brilliant!

  2. Mrs P E Cooper

    This was my childhood church designed by Fr Leahy OP, one of the Dominican priests in the parish. I’m not sure if he studied architecture or it was raw talent but he wasn’t a registered architect. The basis of his beautiful design was to represent hands joined in prayer pointing to heaven. Such was his enthusiasm he took time out to explain his vision to an 11 yr o girl. He never saw the final result as he became ill and returned to Ireland. My father did send him some slides. He died many years ago.
    Prior to the building of the church mass was celebrated at the school. Three classrooms had concertina partition “walls” and every Friday these would be opened, all the desks and chairs moved to the very back, the floor swept vigorously and the metal chairs set out in line ready for Sunday.

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