Frank Young

p1030682p1030681p1030680p1030679p1030678p1030677p1030676p1030683This is the Marshall House by Frank Young. An amazing house, like all of Franks work. The building falls down the side of the hill, stepping as it goes, the long roof plane following and dragging it down to earth.  Volumes crash into each other at the top and create an upward thrust, and great sense of movement. The wooden cladding is at all angles and adds to the sense of movement to the house, and plays off the rugged land it inhabits. Amazing. Apologies for the horribly poor quality of pictures, but its a hard place to photograph, and the shiny tin roof and the glare in the hills was a bad combo. Take my word, breathtaking.


2 responses to “Frank Young

  1. Gday A,

    You can find more images, some really nice internal ones on Frank Young’s website, under the Marshall House. It was done in the early 80’s and Frank also worked as the Building Contractor.

  2. You can find his facebook page… with new designs as well as the Marshall House.

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