Park Street House

p1010657p1010656p1010655p1010654p1010658p1010659p1010660This is the Park Street house designed in 1978-9 by Klopper and Gare. This is probably the best known example, and according to Molyneaux, ‘the most idiosyncratic of a number of houses designed and built by the architects in Subiaco.’ It is a small house, but the details and materials and ideas explored in this house are absolutely amazing and forward thinking. The use of recycled materials, most notably brick, a Klopper trademark, and old railway sleepers, the old style detailing juxtaposed with¬†contemporary planning and ideas. It is a rejection of mainstream aesthetics and the dominance of modernism, and a return to the bespoke, hand made tradition, but reinterpreted so that it is completely new, utterly amazing, and a style all of their own. I had the fortune to go in a very similiar one yesterday in Fremantle, and it blew my mind. The interior planning, with a mezzanine floor, open balconies onto the double height living area, central spiral staircase and brick floor, all Klopper and Gare trademarks (and I would assume are repeated here), are amazing. My favourite bit, the entrance on the 45 degree with the corbelling that eats away at the corner. So, so amazing.


One response to “Park Street House

  1. I am attempting to write the history of Lawler Street in Subiaco, and beleive you may have had a hand in designing no 37. Please let me know if this is the case or if you have any other historical connectiion with this street. All historical information I glean will be donated to the Subiaco Museum at the completion of this project. Many thanks, Keren.

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