W. Hardman Shelter

untitled-1-copyp1030691p1030689p1030686So today I went for an explore out in the hills, mainly looking for a few elusive buildings, all of which I did not find! I was looking for Duncan Richards’ house, Marcus Collins for George Haynes’ geodesic dome studio, and the Harler/Busfied prefab house in Kalamunda among others. Anybody know anything about them? addresses? Anyways, far from being a failed trip I saw some great places, mostly unknown and I did not photograph them all, but here is one outstanding piece! This is a Rotary band shell/concert stage thing in Kalamunda, off Kalamunda road, designed in 1998 by W. Hardman, never heard of him before! exciting! Absolutely breathtaking structure that fits nicely in the concert shelter discourse, with a  soaring, fanciful and delicate structure. You can see a common theme/aesthetic through Eric Leachs Orchestral shell, Sidney Meyer Music Bowl, NYs bandshells, etc, this time appropriately adjusted to the scale and surrounds. It is (surprisingly) timber framed, and being a relatively simple structure and small brick storage area means it is a cheap excercise with maximum impact. Brilliant. An exciting piece of architecture.


2 responses to “W. Hardman Shelter

  1. Anonymous Perthon

    Duncan Richards dismantled his house after he moved out, or are you talking about a more recent one?

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