p1130777p1130776This is a house called ‘Dordrecht’, designed by Robin Arndt in 1968.  I don’t know anything about the house, or the architect, but it is fantastic. A bit like hills type architecture in the city. Severe roof line, organic earthy materials with bush detailing in parts all make it a great piece of architecture.


3 responses to “Dordrecht

  1. That IS a nice house! Makes you wonder what’s inside. I dare say some space chairs and a fireplace.

  2. It is a really nice house – spent my early years living in it. It is a three storey psuedo A-frame, with great views over the river. It has a circular modular iron staircase in the centre of the house. The chimney/fireplace was a later addition.

  3. It is a nice & interesting house – lived there for about twenty years, whilst i was growing up. The chimney & fireplace were actually later additions. It is a three storey psuedo A-frame home, with a central circular iron staircase (great for sliding down the banister as a kid).

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