Ralph Drexel

pa250254pa250255pa250260pa250259pa250258pa250257pa250256pa250261This is my first post of Ralph Drexel’s work, and hopefully one of many, he has done some great work. These are 2 houses in Claremont. They were done in the early 80s I believe, and was my introduction to his work. Nice use of platonic geometry, the upper floor balcony has a large circular opening, in front of a square, and squares reappear elsewhere. The triangular skylight/sculpture above the garage is also great and completes the trio. The bull nose detailing of the garage entry, with its off form Corbusian imagery is intriguing. My favourite part is the corbeled skylights running most of the way down the house. Great detail. Both houses have had additions to them, the one on the left has a wild RD addition done 15-20 years down the track.  It has corinthian columns made out of steel. Really amazing. If you know of more RDs work, tell me!


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  1. Try:
    1 .Near cnr Kingsway and Princess Road, Nedlands, second house in northerly direction, west side
    2. Old West Coast Highway, South City Beach, sorry no number, but hard to miss

  2. i’ll ride by and get a number for you over the weekend-i think it’s one of Dr Excel’s better PM efforts!

  3. I grew up next door to both of these houses and my best friend lived in the house with the tree-house extension (as we called it!). Absolutely fab house to grow up in both manifestations. It was the first house that caught my breath, even as a 12 year old…I’ll get more info on it and others if you like..

  4. Alrighty then I’m on to it, my friend is currently traveling and won’t be back for five weeks but when she gets back I’ll get some photos off her and send them through to you. Send me your email address. The house was originally built for a brother and a sister. My favourite aspect was the shared boardwalk up to the front doors and jumping off the second story balcony into the pool!

  5. City Beach house is at No 43 Old West Coats Hwy, South City Beach

  6. We live in the Nedlands house on Kingsway. We have three small children, so the four levels of open jarrah staircases are a nightmare at this point in our lives but we absolutely love living here. The house has so many interesting details and the series of courtyards are intimate yet big enough for kids to feel they have a ‘backyard’. We are hoping to renovate it in the next few years.

  7. We’ve started renovating the Drexel house on Kingsway this week. Pulled up the tiles and found brickpaving throughout so I suspect this was the original floorcovering. Hopefully we will do it justice over the next twelve months.

  8. Thanks all. Its great to see Ralphs great work recognized. I fondly remember the great times growing up as a kid in Kingsway [wonderfull to see it been restored] and the studio in Hensman rd in Subi . Only last month I moved our of Koeppe Rd Clarmont waking up every morning seeing the house, reminded me of my youth spent labouring on them .Ralph is an inspiration to me .I will mention this site to him when I see him tonight .He is a bit too old school to look at the web and blog . Cheers Marc Drexel [Ralphs son]

    • Andrina Treadgold

      Hi Marc, Id like to get in touch with Ralph if possible? I’m Geoff Summerhayes’s daughter and I’m writing a biography of his work in the 60’s and 70’s. I would love to interview Ralph about his time in the Bennett street office.
      Kind regards
      Andrina Summerhayes

  9. I live in one of his masterpieces – Kenmore Cres, Floreat. You cannot miss it – 28 years later it remains a glorious family home, the design centred around use of squares and the northern orientation flooding the house with winter light.

  10. Hi Everyone, I’m an architect about to do some additions on a Ralph Drexel masterpiece – Any photos that anyone has would be hugely appreciated I would love to see more of his great work – Hopefully I can do it justice also.

  11. We live on Berkeley Crs, Floreat, in a home which was first built in the 1950’s & then underwent a Ralph Drexel extension in 1979. We bought the home & moved here during August 2013 and we are presently renovating.

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