Rokeby Box

p1240025p1240022p1240023p1240021p1240024This is the Rokeby Box as it was/is called, designed in 1974 by Klopper and Gare. Masterful. Early example of their work together, before it moved into full blown recycled material, rural/modern aesthetic investigations. You can easily trace a  progression from very rough clinker bricks to the latter recycled bricks and rough finishes of later work. Its Very formal and functionalist in its expression and layout, compact and beautifully detailed. Quite an austere street frontage, that unfolds and reveals a softer, more trnasparent courtyard, interor area. Beautiful.


2 responses to “Rokeby Box

  1. I used to work in this building, and I fell in love with it at first sight. I don’t know much, if anything about architecture, but this building had its moments where it took my breath away.

  2. I have always appreciated this building greatly, and was interested to find that it is a KandG

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