City of Bayswater Administration centre

p1240041p1240037p1240035p1240034p1240033p1240042This is the administration centre in Bayswater designed by Christou and Vuko in 1982. It is a great building with exceptionally strong geometry, delineated forms.  The volumes are overscaled cubes, rectangles and semicirlcular prisms that all collide and run into each other. Long vistas are created and the horizontality of the building is amazing. Very, very bold in its execution. The windows dissapear and become the shadows of the cream volumes on top and below, the building hovers ever so slightly off the ground in some areas. Excellent.


4 responses to “City of Bayswater Administration centre

  1. are those photos after the extension which, in my opinion, ruined a beautiful building.

    • yeah… I didnt get to see it before the renovations. Its unfortunate, most of the buildings now pale in comparison to what they were..they are all still worth a mention though.

  2. i live nearby and i used to love seeing it (apart from the palm trees), but the extension has just ruined it.

    if you have taken these photos post-reno you have done a mighty fine job of not showing the new part.

  3. It’s still OK. Their logo doesn’t help though.

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