Louise St John Kennedy Residence

p1240018p1240019p1240020This is the Louise St John Kennedy Residence in Subiaco designed in 1982-3. A wondeful house on a very tight block some exceptional spaces and geometry is created including a soaring  double height living area, an office that overlooks the street with a diagonal folding ceiling above, large scale elements and a wonderful roof scape. Luckily for me when I drove by, it was open for inspection! So it is for sale now, I strongly suggest you go for a look it is a really ineteresting house to be in, the spaces are amazing. 87 Rupert St Subiaco.



One response to “Louise St John Kennedy Residence

  1. I am attempting to write the history of Lawler Street in Subiaco, and beleive you may have had a hand in designing no 37. Please let me know if this is the case or if you have any other historical connectiion with this street. All historical information I glean will be donated to the Subiaco Museum at the completion of this project. Many thanks, Keren.

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