Chemical laboratory

p2190212p2190211p2190210p2190209p2190208This is a chemical lab or store or something in East Perth. It is pretty amazing. Did someone say Dudok? I am unsure of the detials, but I am guessing it is PWD around the early 50s, as they utilised this style and composition a lot in that time.  Great use of interlocking volumes and rigorous fenestration detailing. The depth, composition and layering created by the merging rectangular volumes, punctuated by the tall chimney/exhaust stack is amazing. A really wonderful little building.


8 responses to “Chemical laboratory

  1. Lovely building. This is the State Chemistry Centre, which is about to move to a massive new building at Curtin (Sort of Opposite Clontarf Manning Rd)

  2. gone!

  3. did you actually see that it is gone? or just portions of the complex.

    my understanding is that no final decision has been made about this place.

  4. i have organised to visit the place next week so i’m assuming it’s still standing!

  5. so, an update.

    i visited the entire complex yesterday, and apart from the portion that was demolished in the 80s the rest of the place still exists.

    whilst epra have redevelopment plans for the area, no decisions have been made yet.

  6. Chemistry Center I think it’s called. Never noticed the stack before.

  7. Funny, that about Dudok. That was also first what thought. I am Dutch. It looks as a Dutch modernist building.

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