Riley House

p2280243p2280242p2280244p2280246p2280248This is Riley House on Rokeby road in Subiaco, designed by Hill and Parkinson in 1968. It was a renovation of a fairly old crumbly place, and also extra rooms and fences etc were added. It is a lovely little building, with excellent details such as the flat arched openings, verandah posts and finishes. It has been messed about a little over the years, but generally still in good condition.  A wonderful little building. Also FYI I am pretty sure next door is Peter Parkinson too, see photo attached.


One response to “Riley House

  1. Yes, fairly sure it is. Office for Hill, Parkinson and Harris. Replaced an old building. I can check for you with Peter Parkinson (my father) who is still well and 87 this year. His papers are now in the Battye Library and they will also help with information.

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