Semi-Detached houses

p22802501p2280249These are 2 semi-detached houses in Subiaco designed by Gare and Klopper in 1976-77. Brilliant little examples of G&Ks early work,with less emphasis on recycled materials, yet still exploring similiar themes. Austere forms, bold brickwork, and strong geometric volumes. The chimney is, as usual, a strong focal point in the compostion. Extremely minimal use of windows and openings as well are quite unusal, confronting.  The buildings are surprisingly tall for their footprint and are quite a visual treat to come across. My favourite detail is the ventialtion for the roof space with their initials carved into it. Excellent.


5 responses to “Semi-Detached houses

  1. Klopper really makes me appreciate bricks. I’d love to see the interior of this building…

  2. any shots of the favourite detail?

    or an address?

    • I couldnt get a detail shot, I got a bit wary of taking close up photos of peoples houses.. but the address is 2 raphael st Subiaco, just up from the corner of raphael and barker rd. Check them out!

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