Golovin House

p3060342p3060345p3060346This is the Golovin house in Mt Lawley designed in 1959 by Iwan Iwanoff. One of his earlier more straightforward modern pieces, before he started with the concrete blocks. But I use straightforward in the loosest sense, as this is an extraordinary house. The way it is sited on a tough slope, nestled into the side, and connected to the street via bridge is fantastic, and very much in keeping with contemporary practice at the time. The single long run roof pitch is also an excellent detail, it gives the house a sense of scale and  a ‘big’ grand presence that belies its otherwise rather small size. Kate Hislop has written an excellent article on the house, I forget where. Anyway, amazing place.


4 responses to “Golovin House

  1. do you have an address for this place?

  2. I would have loved to have the beach house in Guilderton that Iwanoff designed for a UWA Professor in the early 60’s. Unfortunately the Professor was killed in a car accident on his way back from looking at the block, just before work was to commence. His wife and daughter had the house build for him. Its still there and I was amazed to realise when I found it on Gordon road over looking the ocean that I used to stay there as a child during school holidays. Its been painted but has a lovely position and view.

  3. Know the place well. I used to live there.

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