pa230227pa230228pa230229pa230230pa230231This is the second part of the Donaldson and Warn Homeswest housing in Victoria Park. The first part was in King George st, this is in Camberwell st. This development consists of more traditional detached single houses, whereas the other had more of an urban townhouse feel. These are low slung, simple volumeswith pitched roofs , with bold brick patterning and standard, almost unrefined detailing. It uses the same palette of materials and colours as the King George st set, just in a  different form. Very suburban, in a good way.


One response to “HomesWest

  1. Thank you for telling us of the “architect” — we can now avoid their work like the plague. This development was built by Rimini Homes of Gosnells in the early 90s. The outstanding features are too-narrow hallways, complete absence of fall on wet area floors (water stands around until it evaporates), and total inability to capture any breezes. The rear units have massive masonry faults around the level of the first floor, almost to the point of circumcision. The stylish design of the exteriors renders the houses vulnerable to the afternoon sun in summer: bedroom temperatures are at best uncomfortable. The feature courtesy lights on the street end of the front units mask the absence of any exterior electricity in the rear of the units — tenants must run power cables from inside the house… At nearly 20 years old, these are now at the end of their useful life.

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