Salentina Ridge Picnic Shelters

P3090377P3090375P3090374This a picnic area in Salentina ridge, Fremantle designed by CODA Studio. It is a very modest little structure,  isolated, yet commands the space very well. It uses found timber and concrete footings from the site, and the roof form zig zags over the picnic tables. Simply detailed, well constructed with an interesting form, this is an excellent little public space.


4 responses to “Salentina Ridge Picnic Shelters

  1. i like the theme of shelters and the ones you have photographed – any more to come?

  2. how about point fraser, or have you covered that already? (couldn’t find it by searching)

  3. Two Artists co designed this space and prepared the carthage theme. They should be acknowledged – Jon Denaro and Bec Juniper. The artists worked for 6 months developing the project before the architects arrived. The artists worked on a series of elements that included the tables seating shelters stand alone sculpture and a community project.

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