Trevor Saleeba

P4190356P4190352P4190351This is a Trevor Saleeba (not Steve Woodland that I incorrectly attributed this too, thanks Brad ) in Austin St Subiaco. Bold roof line, strong geometry and a very ‘closed’ street facade. The way the roof rakes back and echoes the roof lines of the neighbours house is great.


4 responses to “Trevor Saleeba

  1. Hey, where is this home? It looks very very familiar to a similar project by Trevor Saleeba in Subi / Shenton Park.

  2. yep – seems to be the same project! you may want to confirm it with steve, coz i’m pretty sure its a trevor saleeba number. i did some small reno work on it when i worked at his office – saleeba adams. its a beautiful home, that opens out to the rear with a small swimming pool and double height living areas.

  3. Thanks for the info, and yes, it is a fantastic house.

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