Two Rocks Town Centre

P6010803P6010811P6010810P6010812P6010813This is the Two Rocks town centre and Marina designed in 1975 by Forbes and Fitzhardinge. Wonderful, albeit unloved and showing its age,little town centre development. Strong forms and bold details at a nice human scale, with a variety of level changes, volume diffenrences, setbacks etc create an interesting ‘street’ and surrounds. Similiar in form to the UWA music school completed soon after.


One response to “Two Rocks Town Centre

  1. I drove through 2R recently, and thought it was a shit hole. The main street it itself looks ok from your photos but nothing in the town’s layout lets you know its there. On the main corner where there is a couple of ordinary suburban-spec shops one street leads to to an unused carpark at the back (or front – who knows?) of something. The other road takes you to the harbour where it looks just as crap. Never saw the entrance to the town centre.

    At least it wasn’t a plain Kloppereske facade that gives the passer-by no clues to the purpose of the building – but not far off.

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