Playhouse Theatre

PA100355PA100354103,670PDPA100353This is the Playhouse theatre in Pier St. Perth. It was designed by Krantz and Sheldon in 1956. Iwan Iwanoff painted a mural inside, but I believe this is now gone. Beautiful, modern theatre and interesting to see an example of K&S work that is not an apartment building.


9 responses to “Playhouse Theatre

  1. It looked better pre-render/paint. The older signage, and the colours (even in a B&W photo), were a lot nicer. The new awnings also distract from the lines. I guess salmon bricks just don’t cut it these days, but like everything, they will return to fashion.

  2. i agree wholeheartedly nate.

    the paint and colours look awful.

  3. as does the new signage i forgot to add.

  4. Sad that they’re talking about demolishing this 😦

  5. Everything that has been added or altered about this facade fails to even attempt to match the order of its original form.

    Signage is miss-aligned and ill-proportioned.
    Colours are an odd assortment and inconsistant (cream, black, grey/aged bronze?, red, Purple, white, maroon and burgundy)

    Was a beautiful modest modernist building that gets treated like too many others of its ilk (used and abused then discarded)

  6. Maybe the talk of it being closed when the new State Theatre opens is just a rumour – I really hope so. Perth needs all the venues it’s got as well as the new ones opening.

  7. This will be demolished in 2011. Last performance, December 2010.

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