St. Anne’s Maternity Home

This is the St Anne’s Maternity Home, now the Mercy Medical Centre in East Perth. It was designed in 1958 by Henderson and Thompson. It is an excellent example of public modernism in Perth. The main part of the complex is a large brick building, not unlike other modern hospital blocks of the time ( see King Edward and Charles Gairdner), the key section  here is the sweeping block offset from a flat plane. The contrast between the apparent thinness of the plane behind and the sweeping block that peels off it is fantastic. Clearly articulated sunscreens make a wonderful composition that run the length of the roadside approach, and gently curves around and address the visitor/road, and echoes the bend of the road in front. The rolling concrete canopy is delightful, and adds great movement to the elevation.


2 responses to “St. Anne’s Maternity Home

  1. thanks for making me look at this in a new light.

    lovely facade.

  2. What a wonderful hospital design! I really enjoy the the curved entrance and the cube shade design as well. It’s great to see it still being used.

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