White Gum Valley House

This is a house renovation in White Gum Valley by Officer Woods, completed earlier this year. It was originally a single storey 50s ish modern home, that now has a second storey and a new skin. The stonework wall in the front and some of the windows at the north and West facades are the only visible remaining parts of the house. The house has a wonderful contorting rear elevation, that twists from vertical and the windows as a result have varying depth of reveal, and the surface takes on an almost ‘soft’ appearance. It is for sale at the moment, so I had the fortune of  going through it.

Check it out here-http://www.domain.com.au/Public/PropertyDetails.aspx?adid=2008078163


One response to “White Gum Valley House

  1. Would be interested to know to what extent OW were involved in this one. Doesn’t look as though they had much say in some of the finishes – some nice ideas though

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