Perth Girls’ School

This is the former Perth Girls’ School designed by A. E Clare and the P.W.D in 1936, and received the RIBA Bronze medal in 1939. It is currently the Police traffic building. It is a magnificent building, monumental in scale, bold in form and commanding in its siting. It is a stripped classical / art deco style building with a central entrance block and two wings that extend outwards, with a lesser block at each end. One of the best public buildings in Perth.


5 responses to “Perth Girls’ School

  1. Agree with everything said, this is one of Perth’s heritage gems for sure.

  2. Always loved sister went to school there when it was called Girdlestone which essentially was a girls High School…yes years ago I suggested that the ART School should move to this location ie the old James Street school now in Aberdean Street.Annd the POLICE move to where all the action is in Northbridge but as I love Police shows on T.V like THE BILL and those tough Scottish cop shows too ….well why not let the police luxuriate in a brilliant building that has real style. Like a lot of buildings in Perth plant a really nice park style garden with lawns and trees and all that stuff that most modern architects hate . But hey it has some mates in style at Gloucester Park just down the road from it which of course the urban designers were going to nuke afew years back and build some horrible two story town houses instead of some nice artdeco styled apartments with the grace on LAWSON TOWERS on the Esplanade.Unfortunately modern architecture is very sterile and lacks the cosyness factor.I know people will say that is twee but really it is not at all twee.

  3. It is nice. A little scary for a girls school, but nice.

  4. Perth Girls was never Girdlestone. Girdlestone was a girls’ high school in Perth, where the Cultural Centre is now. Perth Boys’ High School was next to Girdlesstone. Perth Girls’ is the most amazing and beautiful building. Unfortunately, it has not been maintained as it should be which is a shame

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