Geraldton SGIO

This is the SGIO building in Geraldton, designed in 1985, by Forbes and Fitzhardinge. It is one of a series of buildings Forbes and Fitz did around this time, including the R&I bank in Leederville, that explore large sculptural volumes, crisp, flat surfaces, and overscaled devices. It is an overall very large and commanding building, especially in the way it addresses the site and context, and although bulky,  appears light and dynamic.


3 responses to “Geraldton SGIO

  1. Hi,
    I am student of Master of Architecture in Curtin University.
    Is there any plans for this building that I can have it?
    Is it in Perth?

  2. hmm, i think geraldton is not perth?

    try contacting the architects.

  3. The SGIO Geraldton was designed by Peter Wilkes, an associate of F&F at the time. Peter was an unusually gifted Architect and artist. He was responsible for the design of much of Perth’s skyline, the Wales office building, The Commonwealth Bank head offices and the City Centre complex, all in St Georges Terrace. He also designed numerous other buildings in his years at Forbes and Fizhardinge.

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