Rockingham Leisure Inn

This is the Rockingham Leisure Inn, designed in 1985 by Barry Robinson. It is looking worse for wear these days, and butchered almost beyond recognition in parts, but still a worthy inclusion. A mix of late organic, neo-vernacularism and brutalism, it is(was) a fantastic and interesting building. The main structure is made up of old telegraph poles, bolted together, and elsewhere a mix of infill panels, face brickwork and in situ concrete work. A lot of work has been done on it since 85, so it was hard to tell what was original and not in some cases. The whole complex is based on a series of interlocking hexagons, and this follows through down to the details of the columns supporting the porte-cochere and their hexagonal corbels. Bush detailing is used through out, I love the detailing at the meeting of 2 poles, with a giant great bolt running through them both, with a hexagonal head on either end. Also included are some photos from Fritz Kos that shows it in its original form. The main space is breathtakingly dynamic, now gone, or covered up.


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