JW Elischer Office and Residence

This is an office and residence designed by Julius Elischer for himself in 1969. The office is located at the front of the block linked to the residence via a bridge. Notable features are the pagan fertility sculpture out the front and the way the front elevation and the roof  are set off from the bulk of the building, as a series of floating planes, almost as if the box was exploded.


7 responses to “JW Elischer Office and Residence

  1. Hell yes, I like that.

  2. Love this building. Inside is very sterile (at least, the floor I have seen). Probably a 90’s makeover.

  3. is there an address best-of?

  4. A pagan fertility sculpture? Its so fabulous to read about local buildings. I am loving your blog! Well done.

  5. Nicole Elischer

    The telecommunications towers on the roof, are of course a more recent addition, and originally plants hung down the facade from planter boxes on the upper level.
    Nicole Elischer, daughter

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