Jubilee St. Townhouses

These are the Jubilee St. Townhouses in South Perth, designed in 1975 by Jeffrey Howlett. Very similiar to the Onslow St. ones from 6 years before, but this time the roof has become a dark brown, and the rough brick walls have given way to smoother, crisp brickwork. These are not as set back from and hidden from the street as the others as well, they have a very prominent street presence. I prefer the Onslow st. versions, but it is hard to tell, as these seem to have been messed around with a lot.


2 responses to “Jubilee St. Townhouses

  1. I photograhed them last year. Can’t tell if I like them.

  2. My husband, Robin Dewar (Robbie) built these units for H&B. He worked as construction supervisor for H&B for a long time. We actually lived in the Onslow St units for quite a while, too. Great living right by the Zoo. Sadly, Kath Howlett died 6th Sept 2010. Jeffrey’s Obituary is on my website – and a story called Uncle Jeffrey refers to both Jeff and Robbie.

    I took the time to drive around South Perth after Kath’s funeral – just looking at various buildings Robbie had constructed. He died in June 2002.

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