State Theatre

This is the new State Theatre, completed this year by Kerry Hill Architects. I won’t say much, apart from it is a great building. I was a bit skeptical at the beginning of the process (especially when E&C didn’t win the comp!!!) but am satisfied with the outcome. I have never been much of a fan of Kerry’s work, but I went through the other day, and it is a truly remarkable building. The finishes, materials, spatial qualities etc are all spot on. Of course there are flaws , but I don’t they detract significantly from the overall scheme to bother over. I am just happy its done, and its good.


9 responses to “State Theatre

  1. The inside maybe. The exterior not a massive disappointment to you? Certainly not a landmark building of any kind.

  2. Initially I thought the same – the outside is rough, poorly put together and plain. However after attending a performance there I was won over. The exterior is entirely appropriate for the area and the knocks it’ll receive. And then the contrast it sets up with the interior just heightens the experience of going to a show. Stepping from the reality of Northbridge into the wonderland of theatre. Not everything needs to shout ‘LANDMARK’, sometimes it’s more about what you conceal and how it’s revealed – something this building does extremely well.
    While not the best building of the decade it’s a gem .

  3. For the most part, yeah, it’s a decent building, but I still have to admit that I am not a fan of the bare concrete. Even a different coloured light box would have had me a lot more excited. Street level activation on William is poor, in my opinion, as all the offices have opaque film on their windows, meaning that it almost looks like a long expanse of blank space.

    That said, I love the bronze (actually, thinking about it, I would have loved to have seen the concrete box covered in copper, and let to age gracefully). Once the future activation of Roe occurs, the theatre will start looking a lot more appropriate/distinguished.

  4. I don’t mind the concrete; I think a highly finished look would be a bit pretentious in the location. Relates quite well to the Art Gallery I think. Kind of calls out for a similar style development on the other side of William Street.

  5. The fly tower was initially intended to be glazed white, instead of the danpalon product that’s on there now…but, it was government project so budget cuts were the order of the day. Copper would never have been an option.

    I’m yet to step inside, but I’m also happy that it is done and it is done well.

  6. This is far from a landmark… nice facility still

  7. hey andrew doing a web project on the perth entertainment centre demolition, its anonymous site on facebook but has had an amazing response 20,000 people so far, you might like to check out the fascinating outprouring of commentary of Perth collective social memory
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