Raymond Jones Exhibition

Following on from the previous  series of exhibitions held at the UWA Cullity Gallery in the 90s, including works by Howlett, Summerhayes and Krantz & Sheldon,  is a new exhibition focusing on the architectural projects of Raymond Jones. The exhibition runs from Tuesday March 22 – April 8, and includes a selection of work from 1952-today. A catalogue will be available from the front counter.

Cullity Gallery

Faculty of Architecture, Landscape & Visual Arts



3 responses to “Raymond Jones Exhibition

  1. Shame – looks like I just missed this exhibition by a couple of days. I actually stumbled across the 1996 booklet from the Krantz and Sheldon exhibition last week. I am currently renting in a Krantz 1930s house and was fascinated to see his other work. Do you know anything about the architect of the 1971 Francis Street Perth Museum building? It is currently being demolished.

  2. Its amazining how old always becomes new again… if you can wait long enough. Great post

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