Jiwkoff House, Iwan Iwanoff

This is the Jiwkoff House, designed by Iwan Iwanoff in 1971. Not exactly a fantastic stand alone project, but interesting in the scheme of things. The roof is the main attraction here, with a really deep front fascia that projects out and creates a floating illusion, supported by thin posts set apart from the main volume. Over time it has gone extremely wonky so it looks rather odd!  The roof  hovers over a square plan, with a solid rock wall front and centre offset with a  nice entry/carport cut out. Very similiar to the house in Meenaar Crescent. Nice little job.


6 responses to “Jiwkoff House, Iwan Iwanoff

  1. Jeremy Feldhusen

    Nice find and thanks for sharing.
    I wonder what form the Iwanoff letterbox took – if it ever had one.

  2. Nice! Haven’t seen this one. Would you mind emailing me the address? Nate.

  3. happy i found your blog, there are so many useful things in here.

  4. Bag O'Turnips

    I used to work in a community group home almost across the road from this little Modernist gem: though it looked thoroughly out of place in the street it’s in, I always considered it to be the finest home in that street! Nice work indeed 🙂

  5. Hi! I am currently doing researches about Perth and I am glad I came across your blog site. Nice to know we have the same interests! Wonderful collection you got here! Congratulations!

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