Graham Harler apartments

This a group of resort style apartments in Como/South Perth designed in the early 80s by Graham Harler. Harler was instrumental in bringing Buckminster Fuller over to Perth for the ’66 conference, and built several geodesic domes including the ones still remaining at Curtin University and Beverley. He was also  involved in significant volume housing, of which these are a great example. Pastel bagged brickwork, barrel vaults, projecting stairwells, stepped glass brick window details – Great stuff!

                                 P1030838P1030840                                 P1030839 P1030841

P1030842 P1030843 P1030844



4 responses to “Graham Harler apartments

  1. Andrew, thank you very much for drawing attention to these examples of Graham Harler’s designs! As residents in one of the ‘Poplar Court’ units (first 4 photos), may we add several comments?
    1. The internal architectural features are equally as noteworthy as the external features. A very high, curved ceiling to the main living area, with a mezzanine floor connection between stairwell and the upstairs rooms. Elements of both a medieval cathedral and an underground railway station. Grand!
    2. Harler (or perhaps the developers) knew how to retain large existing trees, at ‘Poplar Court’ one of Como’s finest lemon scented gums, and at ‘Monterey Pines’ a row of fine old pines (worthy of a Roman suburb).
    3. There are downsides! Harler seemed to almost ignore climate fundamentals – let the sea breeze through in the summer, shield from the blazing midday and afternoon sun in summer, etc. And there is a problem with Colourbond roofing that also covers large areas of walls – Colourbond does not age as gracefully as other materials, especially in the vicinity of a very large lemon scented gum!

  2. Wonderful architecture. Greetings from Montreal, Canada.

  3. It great to see architects who were ahead of their time. I really liked the curved shaping of the roofs. Great Photos

  4. Wow.. intriguing design

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