Hello, thank you for visiting the site. The aim of the website is to document and display examples of Perth architecture, both current and historical. They are not necessarily all ‘best’ but regardless are interesting and thought provoking. They are all projects that  lessons can be learnt from and discussed. The documentation on this site is (hopefully) a small step forward to examining and contributing to a further discussion and understanding of our built history, a history that is woefully disparate at present. I aim to be as factually correct as possible, but I do make mistakes. Please contact me if you spot something! Also, excuse the quality and content of the writing in early posts, it is absolutely terrible.  If you have any suggestions, queries, feedback or want to write something, contact me here, or at


All content (except where noted) is copyright of the author, including the photographs. Please contact if you wish to use them.


Andrew M


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  1. Awesome! im really glad i found your blog. i was at ambers house warming (warehouse) party back in december as well. you may or may not remember but i do remember talking with you and two other uwa architect students who were really into the house as well. iv just spent the last hour going through your pages and wow! your appreciation for certain perth architecture is very similar to mine, its uncanny. i was at curtin last year studying architecture but i’ve switched to uwa this year. are you still at uwa

  2. ……buh

  3. Hi there – could you do me a favour and drop me a line? I’ve got a project going about Australian modernism – map-based, quite basic but fun – and need some better Perth coverage. Be great if you could help out.
    Best, Dan.

  4. Hey, sweet site. Me and a buddy are doing a similar thing in NZ. http://www.christchurchmodern.co.nz/

  5. G’day. My daughter found this site in her ramblings. I would leave a suggestion that as fashion is about comfort, so architecture must be about “liveability”: the external, like the cover of a book, is no guide to the usefulness of the edifice. The test of good architecture is always to ask the tenant after he/she/it has lived in it for at least a year.

  6. Good to find your site, ironically we were directed to it by Andrew McDonald from “Worst of Perth” when I said it would be good to see some “Best of Perth” 🙂

    We take photos of some beautiful buildings around Perth too, usually when projecting on them, eg: http://tinyurl.com/ygcl9r2

    Will keep an eye on your blog to find future potential projection sites, yay!

  7. Congratulations – great blog.

  8. Good blog!
    I live in Sydney now, but lived in Perth as a kid and have always wondered about the modernist house we lived in – who designed it, whether the interiors were massacred in the 80s…
    If anyone from Perth is near Doubleview and can take a pic of the exterior – it’s number 89 Sydenham Rd – a fab split level mid 60s number with 2 storey yellow glass windows and a patch of the original virgin bushland as the front garden (the garden is all you can see from Google maps).

    I loved this house and still dream about it! It’s probably why my whole house is filled with 60s furniture and modernist knick knackery 🙂

  9. heritagepoliceman

    Actually I like the way the early ones are written, all stripped of artifice.

  10. Awesome blog! Check out https://www.facebook.com/fyarch

  11. Hi,
    was walking down Hay St (subi) yesterday and noticed this on its way down to be replaced with a basic office from Match. Couldn’t find it on perthsbest, thought you might be interested and have a better chance of getting access behind the fencing.


  12. Wonderful blog. I was wondering if you know anything about the police headquarters at East Perth, the one that is on St Georges Rd. And also that wonderful overpass right near there.

    Would also be interested to know more about Burswood and Scitech.

    My neighbour’s house always puzzled me cos it had no roof. It looks like it could be an Iwanoff. I wonder if anyone could tell? 42 Campbell Street, Kensington.

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